this is how we strive to live

What do we mean by Rhythms? These are the ways we live our lives, The Network is more than just events or service or help. While those things are the cornerstone of what we do, this the everyday lifestyle we live.


    Relationships are the core of what we do. Our events may be cool, but without relationships with each other, our events and other practices are in vain.  If we do great events but fail to build relationships with those we serve, then we fail. Relationships help us position ourselves alongside those we serve so that when life happens, we are there for them. We strive to model, teach, and empower others to engage in this same relational intentionality.

  • EAT

    How is eating a rhythm you may ask? We believe that relationships are built very well over a dinner table. So we strive to open our homes to eat together. Whether over breakfast or lunch at a restaurant or over a dinner shared with friends at home, eating together helps us really focus on the conversations that help make us family.


    Life is hard, we get that. We have lived that as well. Encouragement is something rarely given these days but so vitally important. Whether it's a phone call, text, or even a face to face conversation, we strongly believe and strive to live a life of encouragement and building each other up. Many times, that random text someone receives at the right moment just urging them to press forward is what it takes to help them know they are not alone in this thing we call life.

  • TELL

    Our stories are what make others realize that life change is possible. Been through your own personal hell? Tell someone. Why? Cause that person you may tell may be the one that needs to know that there is hope to overcome. Our stories are vitally important to serving others. Your personal experiences are not by mistake, those experiences were designed to write a story of hope, overcoming, perseverance, and strength that only you have. And you using that story may be what it takes to truly serve someone else in a way that only you can. realize what your story is is, then tell it. Someone needs it.


    We serve a culture of leaders and potential leaders. We live in such a way that leads others to build each other up so that we all reach our full potential, therefore, building the overall individual. The very culture of the Network and the people that make us what we are is to continually be investing in and building others. We want to build you up past the mistakes you have made, past the failures you feel, past anything that may tell you that you are not valuable or influential. This is why we are heavy on counseling, personal care, and making sure we are all mentally and relationally healthy. And if you are not, no fear, we will help you get there. 

  • GIVE

    Our culture is a generous one. If you are around the Network for any length of time, you will be challenged to give something, and no, we do not mean only financially. We envision a community that is generous with everything they have been given including their time, talent, treasures, etc. Generosity, giving of yourselves, is the way we show others that they are important to us and that we believe in what they are doing. Giving of ourselves in the service of others will always be a major part of who we are and what we hope to lead others to be.

  • SEND

    One of the main elements of the culture of the people we get to serve is that they will eventually leave. We are active in the training, equipping, and sending of those who leave the Shreveport/Bossier area. When you leave here, we hope to send your family out into new territories ready, willing, equipped, and trained to make an impact through the influence you have with what will be you new circle of influence.